One of scandinavia's foremost inspirators!

With a masters in Executive Management from BI, Benja Stig Fagerland has led on to become an award winning international speaker, assistant professor and author.

Through her work she has received several international awards, and has amongst other things, been recognised by EIGE, an EU agency, as one of the ‘Women Inspiring Europe’,- further receiving the European Diversity Award ‘Highly Commended’, under the category: ‘Campaigner Of The Year’.

In Norway, she is amongst other things know for being the woman behind NHOs Female Future Project. She is a respected media commentator, who is often cited by prestige media outlets such as: The Guardian, Der Spiegel, The New York Times, BBC World, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Independent, International Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, ABC
News and Australian Broadcasting- and many more. 

Benja is known for reaching out to- and captivating her audience. She engages and motivates through her lectures in a real, inspiring, reflected and personal way. When Benja walks in, she ‘owns the room’- and offers herself with humble humor, realness, honesty and energy.

A popular lecturer, with exceptional references, who takes her audience by storm!

She speak, lecture, consult and write- drawing on experience gained through many years working with strategic diversity, women on boards and SHEconomy issues.

“SHEconomy- her main passion is to talk about the (economic) benefits women bring into business. “Future leaders and members of the board is not about GENDER- but about competencies and talents. We need to fix the system – not the women”

“Through women’s economic empowerment, her main thesis, together with other like minded sheconomy pioneers- has been that “More women as leaders means a strengthened bottom line!” Benja Stig Fagerland, NHO Female Future, report 2003. Which is a mindset that should be considered adopted by all competition oriented boards, companies and organisations.

Benja Stig Fagerland, NHO Female Future, report 2003


Benja absolutely loves her work and is very honoured to have received distinctions including:

  • Listed by the European Institute for Gender Equalisation (EIGE) as one of 12 “Women Inspiring Europe” 2012. See interview.

  • Highly Commended” in the European Diversity Award 2012 in the category “Campaigner of the Year”. See the list of winners.

  • Shortlisted for “Society Builder” of the Year, KK, January 2005.

  • Shortlisted: “Women’s Prize”, Alt for damerne, July 2006.

  • Voted “one of top 25 Young business talents in Norway” 2001, Økonomisk Rapport, May 2002.


Listed in the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

Still, a major proportion of corporate boards and organizations suffer from a lack of female talents in corporate boards and in management. Governments and corporate boards have been talking about the gender gap, for quite some years, but it seems some still see the talent gap as an “equality” issue, instead of what it really is: A SHEconomy imperative.

Women in corporate boards and decision-making leader positions, is not a matter of being right, it’s a matter of being smart. It´s a SHEconomy business imperative and a possibility to “detox” outdated boards and organizations – and boost economic growth.

In media

Benja is an experienced international media commentator and debater who makes frequent appearances in national and international print and on radio and TV including The New York Times, The Independent, The Guardian, International Herald Tribune, The Australian Financial Review, Le Figaro, Financial Times, Der Spiegel, The Sunday Times Magazine and the BBC.

Quotes about Benja

“Benja’s deep insights on developing female talent provides greater clarity on the issue that I have seen from any commentator or academic”,
— Graham Grant, Head of collection and fraud, NAB Group

“Benja offers a rare combination of talents. She is charismatic, a powerful and persuasive speaker; also extremely well researched, articulate and challenging. She has enormous energy and passion for whatever she does and never stops thinking about how things could be better and how she can make them so. I would jump at the chance to work with her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a consultant to “turbo charge” an initiative and add lasting value.”
— Sue Sjuve, Senior executive working on OD project to transition risk management to a new model at National Australia Bank

Awards, collaborations and features in top International publications