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Key notes

“Benja lit the room on fire instantly with her presentation about womenomics and how to be a winner. She is engaging, inspirational and a master of building self confidence in the audience. Unlike so many others, she just cuts the crap and goes straight to the point. She gave us the practical tools to just go out there and fulfill the dreams we didn’t even have the courage to say out loud before Benja came along.”

Ine Thereze Gransæter, leader of Medienettverket (The Media Network for Female Leaders in Norway).


“Benja has a wonderful way of capturing you when presenting. She is engaged, energetic and a sparkling presenter with an great knowledge, both theoretical and practical. She offers new perspectives and challenges the traditional. We will hear much from her in the future and I can recommend everyone to be inspired by her work and personality!”

Helene Jaeger, BI Norwegian Business School


“Very good research, – exellent performance. Facts of man mixed with facts of lived life. Thank you Benja, we areimproving…”

Arne Lie, Vice President at LHL Helse

‘Become a Winner!’

Hard work fosters success!

It is not about talent, but about raw mental power and will- being able to fall, fail and rise: paying the price in time, commitment and self-development to reach the top!

Put the ‘mystical’ concept talent to the side, and look towards those who disrupt and truly create progress and results. A very popular and sought after lecture, with immaculate references!

Come and let yourself be inspired by Benja Stig Fagerlands’ raw enthusiasm!

‘SHEconomy - women means BIG business!’

Fix the system- not the women!

To create better gender balance within management and boards is not a ‘women’s thing’, it’s good business! To increase the number of female talents within companies is not solely an issue revolved around solving an equality issue, or satisfying a gender balance goal. It is about exploiting business opportunities,- expanding our view of the cultural scope and systems. It neither revolves around idealism or the feminist movement, but realism and the battle for talents, values and growth. It’s pure business.

‘This is why you should target women through marketing! But remember; ‘don’t shrink it and pink it’ if your aim is to appeal to these ladies!’

Did you know about this? It is the women who stand behind 74% of all purchasing decisions in the home, but at the same time they are the least satisfied customers. Simply put, women make out a huge, untapped market.

Why is she not bothered with your product? Your brand? Your communication? You should consider seeking out the answers to these questions with vast interest,- for here lies a large, unexploited market and business potential.

This lecture draws from Benjas’ frequently cited and widely popular book ‘SHEconomy’,- a textbook with a strategic and action-oriented focus on business potential within the female consumer.

‘The consumer of the future - Millennials have changed the rules of the game!’

Millennials- the digital natives; they’ve grown up with technology, where internet access is as important and obvious as clean water and air. This is the generation who got their first cell phones as tweens, checking it at least 100 times a day,- however grown up before receiving their own iPad and computer. Millennials possess completely different requirements than the generations before.
Understand generation Y- it will pay off BIG time!

‘Generation Z - you only got 8 seconds!’

You only have 8 seconds to convince the Z’s. Generation Z will not be affected by traditional branding, marketing or communication. They are influenced by individuals who inspire them, and not a brand. Recognised as the most demanding generation, generation Z oppose a challenge to what is known as traditional branding. And at the same time they are considered to be the generation with the highest purchasing power,- in other words, you will have to obtain their trust and loyalty swiftly- and you only have 8 seconds!

You can also reach her by telephone: +47 909 55 620

or by skype: @BenjaStigFagerland

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Statement from previous participant

“Benja is by far the most inspiring Lecturer I have ever experienced. She has an elegant way to impart her knowledge and makes it a pleasure to witness every lecture.”

Hans Wilhelm worked indirectly for Benja at Markedshøyskolen

Uttalelser fra tidligere deltakere

“For en frisk pust! Er det noe Benja kan, så er det å ta rommet med storm. Hun har en evne til å få hver og en i publikum til å føle at de kan klare alt. Rett på sak forteller hun hva nettopp DU må gjøre for å bli en vinner. Trenger du inspirasjon og motivasjon til å lykkes på en hver arena, er Benja riktig person.”

Andreas Herjuan

“Vi leide inn Benja til å holde foredraget ” hvordan bli en vinner ” i forbindelse med Jante-camp. Det er jeg veldig glad for vi gjorde. Nok en gang rocket Benja rommet med sin tilstedeværelse og sin helt spesielle evne til å fange publikum. Måten hun “leverer” budskapet på gjør at det blir lett anvendbart for publikum, dette gjør hun med sjarm og humor. Kan anbefale Benja på det sterkeste.”

Linn Kristin Berg, Med arrangør Jentecamp.